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Reinvent Tradition.

Denver Theatre Ensemble will reinvent tradition by creating a professional theatrical space that redefines the limits of the artistic process, reimagines classical and contemporary works through a modern lens, and represents our diverse world both on and off stage; through this work, Denver Theatre Ensemble will be a hub through which to realize our collective humanity.

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Rhianna DeVries
Artistic Director
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Tess Neel
Producing Director
Ina Marlowe
President of the Board
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Denver Theatre Ensemble was founded with one goal in mind: to create high-quality theatre that centers and prioritizes the art. Founders Rhianna DeVries, Tess Neel, and Ina Marlowe are dedicated to cultivating a professional artistic space that is devoted to reinventing tradition in theatre; by prioritizing the exploration of deeply human stories (regardless of when they were written), and challenging the social structures that continue to limit theatre as a practice, Denver Theatre Ensemble will break the mold.


Denver Theatre Ensemble originally grew out of “Dream Scenes,” a scene-study class led by Ina Marlowe and Rhianna DeVries. The participating actors were hungry to accomplish good work, and we wanted to provide a platform for that work to be supported and showcased within our community. Denver Theatre Ensemble provides opportunities for artists to delve into great literature in a nurturing and professional environment.


In our short history, before and after achieving not-for-profit status, we have produced a World Premiere, a Denver Premiere, and dozens of opportunities for actors, directors, and designers to work with meaningful classical stories, as well as collaborate with contemporary playwrights. We aim to continue creating an artistic space that sheds new light on one of the most human ways we connect with one another: storytelling. Through inquisitive, innovative, thoughtful theatre-making, we will build a vessel through which everyone involved can more deeply realize what it means to be human.

For more information about Denver Theatre Ensemble, follow the link below!

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