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Devising Theatre for Social Change in Zanzibar, Tanzania

       I traveled to Stone Town Zanzibar with my professor Dr. Ashley Hamilton and 4 other DU students for a practical, travel based, interterm course. For two weeks we worked with a group of 20-25 Zanzibarian students (ages 14-17, mixed gender) to devise a play about social justice issues in their community.

      In this course, Devising Social Justice Theatre In Zanzibar, I learned a lot about what it means to be a facilitator, an artist, and most of all I learned about how theatre can be made beyond the stage. This course opened up my eyes to the world and the people in it. The experience showed how similar social issues can exist in two cultures but can impact and/or be viewed very differently. During the process of teaching our Zanzibarian students, not only did they learn much from us, I learned a lot from them. I was able to see how they view the world and what they hope to become. I also learned how much a simple thing like theatre could help one’s confidence in life moving forward.

Unchained Voices &
Visual Art Shows

Unchained Voices is an advocacy & empowerment art show, based in Denver. The show is a collaborative effort created on behalf of incarcerated artists in Colorado. The Unchained Voices committee is comprised of community members, forensic social workers, public and private defense attorneys, community organizers, and family members of incarcerated people.

In 2020, Unchained Voices partnered with the DU Prison Arts Initiative (DU PAI) where we were able to reach 19 state prisons across Colorado. Each of our galleries showcased an average 150 incarcerated artists and 300 pieces of artwork, and 100% of the proceeds went directly back to the artists. I was honored to manage the following shows while in my position at DU PAI: 


  • Chained Voices Art Show at Denver Arts & Venue's McNichols Building: June - September 2022

  • Chained Voices Art Show at DU and Cottonwood Center for the Arts: September 2021

  • Chained Voices Virtual Art Show:  November 2020

  • Inside Stories at Cottonwood Center for the Arts:  March 2020

In addition to showcasing work created by people who are incarcerated through Unchained Voices, DU PAI develops and maintains a variety of partnerships with galleries and institutions across Colorado. These relationships support incarcerated artists as they create work to be seen by the general public. Each show is an opportunity to engage with people, shared humanity, and art-making behind the walls through gallery experiences, talkbacks, reflections, and community-based events. 

To learn more about Unchained Voices & see past and current art shows, follow the link below! 

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